Firethorn Profesional Services

Site Utilities

  • Storm sewer pipe installation
  • Sanitary sewer pipe installation
  • Domestic water line pipe installation
  • Fire line pipe installation
  • Sanitary Sewer line installation
  • Lift station installation (storm or sanitary sewer)
  • Manhole (storm and sanitary sewer) installation
  • Storm water inlet installation
  • Storm water outfall installation with Rip Rap, floatable screens, etc.

Utility Services

Built point to Municipal Districts and City Infrastructure 

  • Water line extensions
  • Sanitary sewer line extension
  • Sanitary sewer point repairs
  • Water line break repairs
  • Sanitary sewer manhole rehab
  • Sanitary sewer manhole replacement
  • Lift station rehabilitation and component replacement
  • Storm sewer repair and replacement

Boring Services

  • Standard / Straight line bore (with or without casing)
  • Directional bore
  • Tunneling